Order pizza

Order pizza for home delivery in Krakow.

If you would like to eat delicious pizza without leaving home or work, Pizzeria Capri New has the perfect solution, order pizza by phone and have it delivered straight to you. The pizza delivery area covers the important districts of Krakow, just call and make an order.

How to order pizza by phone (step by step):

Order pizza from one of our two locations. For simplicity we describe the whole process in a few simple steps:

1) Decide which location you would like to order pizza from. 

You can choose from Capri New locations at  ul. Chopina 33 or Brodzińskiego 6.

2) Browse the available menus and choose what you fancy. Check our current promotions! 

Before you call please decide:

– what size pizza you would like to order

– what thickness of dough you would like to choose

– what sauce you would like included

– which form of payment you prefer (upon receipt you can pay in cash or by card)

Remember we offer free delivers for orders over 20 zł.

>> Chopina – menu (pdf) <<

>> Brodzinskiego – menu (pdf) <<

3) Call your chosen Capri New location and place your order:

Chopina street 33 Brodzinskiego street 6
+48510466790 +48505771807

4) Wait for your delicious pizza to be delivered.

Chopina 33 – +48510466790
Brodzinskiego 6 – +48505771807